Are you an employer who would like your workforce to be mentally fit, increase their productivity, reduce absenteeism and presenteeism? If so, you have come to the right place.

I’ve spent the last 28 years finding ways of handling difficult situations and I am well qualified to help you. I do this in three ways:

ONE Speaking at your event

Providing tips on how to be more resilient, your delegates will go home with thought-provoking ideas. My story will shock, excite and inspire you. My message is important, gripping and poignant. If you haven’t seen me speaking – you are missing out!  The perfect addition to seminars, events and team motivation sessions. Get in touch now to find out how I can inspire delegates at your event.

TWO Signing up to my Mental Health and Wellbeing membership Programme

A personal, unique scheme that puts your employees mental health at the heart of your business. Includes a dedicated hotline to support your staff and regular training and well being days for you and your staff. You will also receive a bespoke Mental Health Policy for your workplace at a significantly reduced rate.

THREE Running my in-house ‘Reduce Stress in the Workplace Workshop’

This can be especially valuable for teams who must work together. Learn how to work together better and more efficiently, whilst supporting each other. I will provide your staff with all the tools to ensure positive mental health – they will also take home a company branded personal Reduce Stress Journal for them to work through each day – a living breathing document that will help your staff become better versions of themselves which in turn will help your business to thrive.

I also support some very worthy courses, so check my Fundraising page to see how you can help me to help others.


Video Accreditation:

If you have the opportunity to book him as a speaker, do it. If you have the opportunity to work with him as a coach and mentor, do it.

Jo Howarth

The Happiness Club

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