Declutter The Mind

As I write this we are in the middle of a house move, the house we are currently in has been found to have subsidence and so an enormous amount of work needs to be done to get the internal structure safe and solid for the next 50+ years.

This got me thinking, each day we are packing away our treasured possessions and throwing away or selling stuff we no longer need.  Slowly our house is being transformed into a shell.

Clear spaces where once there was clutter.

Although this space clearing is a stressful time, I am able to walk around the house freely without stubbing my toe or falling over a toy my 6-year-old son used to play with when he was 1.  Decluttering the house is having a positive effect on my thinking and my mind.

This brings me to the subject of how often do we declutter our mind?

Hour after hour, day after day we are exposed to so much information, some positive, some negative. This gets stored both in our conscious and subconscious mind. Now it’s great if all the positive stuff is soaked up yet, it is the negativity that’s dangerous, if we keep hold of it and do not dump it out of our system.

It is so important that we treat our minds with respect. Dumping the stuff we don’t need and storing the good stuff. Someone I know who I have trained under in one of my business asks a great question

“Who puts the Jam in your doughnut?”

What he means by this is:

  • What information are you exposing yourself too?
  • Who are the people you are surrounding yourself with?

Watching the 24-hour news is not going too put you in a good mood or add value and productivity into your life but listening or reading some personal development each day and clearing your mind through meditation will almost certainly declutter the mind and only feed you the good stuff.

Removing yourself from the influence of negative people will have a massive impact on your thoughts and feelings, remember, you are the average of the 5 people you interact with most.  Look around your circle of influence, are they pushing you towards your goals and dreams or are they holding you back?

Fill your doughnut with whatever ingredient you want but remember some of those ingredients may make you feel sick.  Having a good declutter will put you back at the start of the process and you can refill your doughnut again with the good stuff.