Moving Home

There is a reason why they say moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do – it’s because it is!

My family and I have been in the unfortunate position to, not just move house once, but go through a full house move TWICE in less than 3 months. Last year we had a surveyor come into our home and survey the property – you see, we noticed a few cracks appearing and getting bigger over time. When they were small we didn’t take much notice but small cracks turn into bigger cracks and it was then we started to take notice.

Like anything – if you have a bad experience you then focus on the negative and as if by magic you start finding other things that didn’t catch our attention previously but now was staring us right in the face. We suddenly started complaining about how the floors seemed uneven and how the doors were at a funny angle. Something clearly wasn’t right.  We drafted a surveyor in, who told us that we had indeed experienced significant movement in the property and we would have to move out whilst the builders gutted the whole house and build it from scratch inside out.

We moved out 3 months ago and this week we were due to move back home.  But life isn’t simple and everything that could go wrong – HAS! The issues range from the removal company double booking thus delaying our official move, to the TV company refusing to install our TV because there was still scaffolding up and our internet being cut off because it had started the transfer process. Admittedly these are not first world problems but problems they still are.

The thing is, I live my life guided by the circle of influence.  I go ahead and tackle the things I have control over and don’t sweat the rest.  This philosophy has seen me overcome some of life’s most incredible challenges. So taking all the above into consideration could I have done anything differently?

  • My family & I have had to move house twice in 3 months

Completely out of our control. We did not cause the house to subside. The fact the house was built on an old fishing pit and was lay on a bed of clay caused that so accept it has happened. What we did have control over was our emotions and the choice whether we would cause unnecessary stress to our children during that difficult time.  So we went about our lives exactly as we would have done in our old house – it just so happened we were doing the same things in the new house.

  • The move was delayed several times due to issues with the remove company

Again, we had no control over the removal company double booking us or only allowing a couple of hours a few days later to do a full house move. So we quickly got rid of any potential negative emotion we may have had. We did however, have complete control over being productive over that period by making lots of trips to the old house with the smaller boxes and put them away in their relative places. This ensured when the main move happened it wasn’t as stressful and we could focus on enjoying our property again.

We all have choices, no matter what situation you find yourself in, there is always a choice of whether we have influence or not over that situation and by just taking a small step backwards and assessing the situation on where our influence lies, if indeed we have any, life becomes less complication and more enjoyable.