Dave Heffernan is a one of a kind coach, speaker and mental health guru.

Known as the UK’s Number 1 Provider of Anxiety Solutions, Dave works with corporates and individuals to create awareness, end stigma and educate.

Described as a pioneer for Mental Health and Wellness, Dave has launched programs to support mental health in the workplace and to create positive, forward-thinking environments that employees enjoy working in.

Dave’s background story is one of a kind; born in Salford, Dave dealt with extraordinary life issues – death, grief, abuse, homelessness, violence; but this didn’t hold him back, in fact, it created the momentum and passion that Dave has today. Dave is an expert in mental health, from the raw, real-life issues that he has faced, and helped others face.

Dave is the guy next door – but with a fresh perspective. He understands the importance of mental health from both business and personal points of view. He’s not afraid to work through issues, make connections, break down barriers and find solutions.

Unlike other coaching solutions, he is there when YOU need him because he knows mental health is not a 9 to 5 issue. He is committed.

The difference with Dave is that he actually cares. There is a genuine passion and strong determination inside him to bring mental health and wellness into the 21st century.