WOW – what a week!!

5 days, 1000 miles, 100’s of connections and 1 very tired, but very happy speaker.

Last week saw me drive around the country on a speaking tour for a national networking group.  It had been in the planning for several months and on the 19th June I got in my car for the long drive down to Norfolk for the 1st of my talks.

I booked in to my B&B in Mundsley, grabbed a quick shower and was immediately out of the door for the meeting. My theme for this week was on the dangers of Pre-Judging in Business.  This is to me where most small business owners fail.  Everyone is after the bigger businesses, they ignore the one-man bands and the Network marketing types. This is a big mistake as no one knows who they know – we all focus too much on the person in the room and forget that outside of the room these guys know a lot more people who they could potentially connect you with.

My 1st talk went down well, I stayed behind to connect with a few of the attendees and shared a drink with them – this is where Networking gets exciting. Taking those relationships built up in the meetings to the next level. Socialising is a key ingredient to success in Networking, through socials you get to the know the people behind the job, you get to see what makes them tick; you get to know whether you actually like them enough to do business with them. If you like them, you may trust them enough to open up your contact lists and if that is reciprocated then a healthy business relationship and referral stream is secured.

Later that night I only a couple of hours sleep as the weather in Norfolk was pushing 30 degrees even in the middle of the night. There was no air or breeze so I got up for 5:30 and took a drive to the beach. It was beautiful, the sun was rising and I felt at peace.  I felt strong and knew I was in the right place at the right time.

8am and it was time for the 2nd of my talks, this time in North Walsham, a beautiful area of Norfolk.  Here is a quick snippet of my talk:

The feedback I received was phenomenal.  My story was likened to a Biblical epic novel.  I was making more connection and more friends.

After the meeting I stayed behind once again where I was invited into the Rainmakers club, a Mastermind group of business leaders where I offered some advice and tips and received lots more in return.  I swapped details with everyone and started on the long drive to Birmingham where I had booked an AirBnB for the next 3 days.  I was now preparing for the Midlands leg of my tour.

I booked in to my AirBnB and made my way to my 1st meeting in Tamworth. It was a great venue. I had never spoken before with the backdrop of a ski slope, so it had an international feel to it.  I felt so good delivering this talk and had some amazing people in the audience who I looked up to as speakers and as business leaders. Again the feedback received was humbling and as a result more work had come from this meeting.  You see, people love stories, they don’t wish to be sold too. The audience were getting to know me, understand me and ultimately like me for the person I was and have now become. I cannot stress enough, if you truly understand the ethos of LIKE, KNOW AND TRUST then gaining business will not be so hard for you.

Over the next 2 days I took in 5 other meetings speaking at 2 of them.  It had been an emotional 5 days, being away from my boys for so long was tough and I missed my wife but I was doing this for them.  It has taken a physical toll on me too as my health is not the greatest and I could have used this as an excuse. I could have used the thought of missing my children as an excuse but I chose to do this tour despite these objections as I knew the future would be so much brighter than had I not undertaken it.

My life has been enriched. I have been to places I have never been before and genuinely made some fantastic friendships. The ROI cannot be possibly calculated just yet but from the opportunities that have arose, I guarantee it will outstrip the cost of the tour. My brand has been visible, it has been well received and ultimately, I did not prejudge a single person. As a result this tour has been a huge success.

I would also like to thank Stella Gooch for organising my tour. The attention to detail was fantastic and it made for a very smooth week.  Check her out here

Finally, I was delighted to receive a video testimonial from Adam Stevens about one of my insights during this tour. Check it out on my testimonials page.