Around 20 years ago I was getting bored with life.

In the previous 3 years I had lived rough for 2 years in the most extreme of places and had been arrested for Arson. 2 HUGE events that have the ability to break someone. After finding a house and a job I was getting frustrated. Feeling claustrophobic. I couldn’t cope with the normality of life – I found myself craving the freedom I had on the streets and so I bought a tent and made my way to the lake district with no big plan other than to escape. I got friendly with a local farmer who offered me a small piece of his land and said whatever I catch is mine. He taught me how to trap the wildlife in the beautiful woodland that sat behind my tent and taught me how to skin and cook what I caught – I WAS IN HEAVEN.

Over the course of the next 12 months I experienced all 4 seasons and faced the full fury of what nature had to offer – I survived. And guess what? Life goes in cycles just like the seasons.

There will always be spring, summer, autumn and winter.

There will always be wars, there will always be famine, disease and cruelty – again these all come in cycles.

I never watched the news in that 12 months and yet when I returned to civilisation I was met with the same old crap. Every night I would sit by the open fire with the beautiful clear Cumbrian night sky as my ceiling. Some of the most incredible displays were witnessed. It was then I truly understood just how insignificant in the grand scheme we are. I see people everyday get upset over the slightest thing, or cause arguments because someone did them harm. This is Ego.

The world is a beautiful place yet we choose to do us on the nasty elements. That year I genuinely experienced HEAVEN on EARTH. My life is blessed because of the experiences I have gone through and YES, that includes the death threats. I am mindful of the beauty that still exists and the good people in my life. Quite a few of them I have become friends with in 4N.

No matter how hard your life is at the moment – we live in a world of abundance – you just have to see what’s right in front of you.