For last few months I have been having real trouble with my eyes – pain, headaches, very dry and itchy, but I am tough and stuck with it and fought through the inconvenience until my ability too read was being affected. Words were blurring and I was having real difficulty even making out the TV Guide on the square box on the wall.  Time for action.

Off I went for an emergency eye test and as I thought, due too age I needed varifocal glasses… Images of Dierdre Barlow sprang too mind!

I have always worn trendy colourful glasses that stand out for all the right reasons, now I was going to stand out for all the wrong reasons, wearing dodgy looking glasses.  Or so I thought, I had created an alternative reality, an image in my mind of large thick glasses that were twice the size of your face. In reality you could not tell any difference, the optician even said they could put the lenses into similar frames as mine.


How many times do we let fear take over and we create an alternative scenario or image in our minds which stop us doing the thing that we need to do?

It has been shown that F.E.A.R stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real”.  The vast majority of times the thing we feared would happen never did happen and by dancing with those fears and meeting them head on, a world of new opportunity arises.

I digress though as the varifocal issue was just the start, the optician said calmly, “Well that’s the reading side of things sorted out now, lets move on too the real issue!” Eeeek, What real issue?

Well it turns out that my eyes are badly damaged, I have torn my cornea but I am not producing any fluid which in turns makes my eyes extremely dry.  This is what is causing the pain and the gritty feeling like there is constantly a foreign object in my eye.  They have referred me too the hospital to see a specialist eye consultant as they think it may have something to do with my medical history and possible previous medication. (Several years back I had been diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder and severe lung defect, I was on 36 tablets a day plus morphine – I am now drug free through choice).

Again, this got me think about how we should look after our vision.  It’s so important too have a vision, too know where we are going in life and what goals and dreams we want too achieve but too many people say “I wish I……” or “I would love too……” and then forget about it.   Remember a goal not written down is just a dream – so if you have a dream or a goal then write it down.  Imagine yourself doing what you set out too do, feel the emotion that brings because once you do this the filters in our brain will sort out the things you focus on and what is important too you – so your job is not too worry with the HOW Do I achieve this goal – your job is too believe, Look after your vision, visit it every day, Live your life as if you have achieved your goal – Change your language and amazing things will happen.

VISION: Without vision – we just stand still.

Be the best version of you, look after your vision and your vision will certainly look after you.