Motivational Speaker For Schools

Why would a school bring in a motivational speaker? Surely it is the teacher who should be motivating the children?

There is some truth in that opinion and teachers do a fantastic job in creating a stimulating and positive environment for the children to grow and learn. Whilst motivational speakers are usually associated with the corporate world it’s becoming increasingly common to bring speakers into the school to work alongside the teaching staff to inspire and motivate the children, especially during some of the more stressful periods such as exam time or the transition period between primary and secondary school.

Examination Stress And Anxiety

During exam time many students (and even teachers) struggle with nerves and their stress levels increase. A speaker coming in from outside can be the calming influence the students need.

For example: I can provide techniques to ease stress and instil the belief that NO MATTER how stressed or nervous you may be. The knowledge is inside of you and just needs to be awakened during the exam. This gives the students the ability to feel so much better about the whole situation.

Whether it’s a motivational speaker who has achieved great grades or someone who has underachieved and can guide the pupils through his or her own experiences so they don’t do the same, getting someone in at this time of the year can make a huge difference and change the mind-set of a student.

Planning For The Future

Do you know where you are going to be in 5 or 10 year’s time?

Over the years, I have personally found this quite challenging.  School children can find it even more difficult to think that far ahead.  As an inspirational speaker I can open the child’s eyes to a world of opportunities through my own experiences whilst taking care to be truthful about the challenges and difficulties they may face.  We have the ability to change their thinking so when obstacles are met they have the resilience and tenacity to overcome them, learn from them and move forward.

In year 10 onwards, when the students are choosing their subjects, a career path should be clear.  A speaker can work alongside the teaching staff and use their knowledge to open doors to careers a student may never have thought of previously.

All, or most speakers will have a story to share, in my own experience, these range from Homelessness to Chronic illness> Whilst students may not be able to relate to those topics as such, inside of these experiences will be something that everyone can relate too. Feelings of loss, pain, stress, anxiety, I could go on but you get the picture. By using my own experiences to teach students how to program the mind to deal with all that, they can learn to come out the other end more rounded and more empowered. This will have a greater impact on their school life and future.

A speaker coming into a school can also be on hand to answer questions and spend time in workshops of the student’s choosing. This level of interaction may help the children relax and open up, where they may ask more questions and be more engaged.  This will help flag up any potential issues that the child may be facing and together with the school can be addressed.

I am passionate about empowering the youth of today and working with schools to ensure our children have all the right tools to be successful. For an informal discussion on how I can inspire your children then please contact me.