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On-Call Coaching

Do you sometimes feel like you need some additional help for a short period of time and someone to lean on? Everyone does, and this is why I developed my On-Call Coaching.

I want to say thank you. Nobody has ever ‘got me’ before. Even people who love me very much have never understood when I tried to explain. I have no idea how you did it. I have told you nothing about me. And yet you are showing me the things that I need to see – things I would never have guessed myself. So, a big thank you – hopefully the first of many.

Small Business Owners

On-Call Coaching was originally conceived to support small business owners who are on their own. They may not get out and about much, they may have cash flow problems, lose business, get objections when trying to sell, and they just don’t have anyone to talk to.

Those suffering from Anxiety and Depression

However, I’ve also had a lot of clients recently that need this service because they are suffering from anxiety and/or depression. People or partners who are suffering with anxiety and depressions and they have no-one to talk to or nowhere to turn.

Often being on your own and trying to deal with negative issues can affect your mental health, whether you’ve had problems in the past or not.  Having someone to talk to, at any time of the day, on the phone, or via something like Facebook, can make a huge difference.

Help with mental health, or prevention of mental health issues is often a post code lottery. I want this service to take away that lottery so that everyone can have access to help at a very reasonable cost.

No two coaching journeys are the same, so the structure of the coaching will be determined by your needs. This can be quite intense in the early stages with a lighter touch as time goes on and you start to feel more in control. There are no contract or tie ins – you just take as much or as little help as you need.

With my coaching and mentoring – you will come out the other side.

You’ve never seen a coach like Dave Heffernan before! If you want to change your mindset, change your habits and take control of your mental health, Dave is the man for you. But be prepared for some serious honesty, taking steps outside your comfort zone and being pushed to be the best you.

Dave’s coaching clients describe him as genuine, passionate and unique. He shows an empathy and understanding but not sympathy. Let Dave help you to get to the roots of issues and rebuild.

Whether it is mental health support, mentoring or support to reach a goal, Dave is happy to enable you to find the tools to succeed.


This is a service that I deliver for a fixed monthly affordable cost – less than the cost of a fancy coffee per day.  Access to me is not restricted – we figure out what you need and then I deliver. I am very keen to make this available to those who need help and not have cost as a barrier, therefore this is very accessible.


Get in touch today for a no-obligation discussion and I can confirm the cost and how we can start the process and lifting the weight from your shoulders.

It only takes a few minutes to make an enquiry.