1 in 6 people are thought to suffer with mental health issues.

Think about that in terms of your business; how many staff do you have?

(Based on 100 staff members) That’s 17% of your workforce that may be dealing with exhaustion, stress, depression, grief, anxiety, addiction, drug abuse, self-harm and thoughts of suicide.

It is estimated that 2 million adults in the UK have an alcohol addiction. TWO MILLION.

10% of men and 4% of women have an alcohol dependency. Think about how many of your staff have suffered with hangovers, and the effect that has had on your business. Mental health and alcohol abuse are major factors in sickness, and cost businesses money.

These are not scare tactics, these are the facts.

Have you considered how well you really know your employees or team mates? Do you really know what they are dealing with, if they are suffering or struggling, and have you thought about your responsibility and duty of care?

Dave’s workshops are informative, intensive sessions that breakdown the fundamentals to Mental Health and Wellness and arm you with knowledge and exercises to protect your staff and your business.

When businesses start to care about their employee’s health, wonderful things happen. Employees feel valued, important and really excel in their personal development. Successful team members are essential for a successful business.


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