“David, your story is so compelling and you tell it with such good humour. I can’t wait to hear your future speeches”

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Jo Howarth

The Happiness Club

Rebecca Lowrie

Self Alchemy

Adam Stevens

Intelligent Eating

If you haven’t seen the Heff speak then you have missed out. His story is second to none and his positive outlook and inspirational attitude is a wonder to behold. If you have the opportunity to book him as a speaker, do it. If you glhave the opportunity to work with him as a coach and mentor, do it. He’s ace.

Jo "Happiness" Howarth

HR & L&D

David is a captivating, inspiring, down to earth speaker. The way he conveys his messages keeps people engaged and often in awe.

If you are looking for a speaker who can excel at speaking with schools or in the business arena, look no further, as David can address audiences at both ends of the spectrum

Michele Ibbs

I have heard Dave speak quite a few times now, he is articulate, insightful and he conjures up memories from his past which grab your attention and fire your imagination. It is an absolute pleasure to know this guy 👌🏿

Nigel Campbell

Protection Insurance Consultant, SME Consultant

I am a doctoral researcher currently engaging with different entrepreneurs and professionals and during one of my strategic network I came to know Dave. Although, I have had several encounters with coaches, mentors and motivational speakers, I find Dave to be somewhat in a class of his own: He is just unique and his approach, style, focus and content of his message is more than just what any could ask for in this field of coaching and motivational speaking. Believe you me: Call Dave today!

Charles Dahwa

Doctoral Researcher

Raw, genuine, inspiring – that’s a sort of speech you get when Dave Heffernan is giving it.

By his own admission, Dave grew up on what was known to be the toughest estate in the country. It would have been easy to sink to the bottom, but he stayed afloat. He went through some very tough times but still took it upon himself to campaign to improve the lives of others.

He knows the meaning of life mistakes, regret and lessons learnt; he knows that the only way forward is to focus on where you want to be and not on where you are now. Dave tells it all through his life stories and just draws you in… Definitely not to be missed from a speakers’ list.

Beata Rosinska-Raju

Business Mentor & Consultant

Truly inspiring! I have heard David speak a number of times and it’s been inspiring and at time emotional. What he has been through in his life would cripple most people but David manages to always be infectiously positive. His work with homeless charities and continues to this day and he is a professional speaker worth listening to.

Rich Amor-Wilkes

Portrait & Event Photographer