We Are Not Trees

Yesterday, a huge thing happened, and social media has exploded.

Last week a General Election was called and our Local MP decided to resign his seat so he can focus on his other jobs.  The local political party, who has a sizeable majority in our constituency and is considered one of the safest seats for this political party, had their membership vote on who they wanted to take over as their next candidate.

The choice they made has not gone down well at all in the area. There is genuine concern for the mental wellbeing off those that voted, as in the past, this candidate was labelled by the British press as a vile human being, and even opposition MP’s were asking questions such as “Why haven’t we lynched the B…..D?. It is fair to see that this is a highly unpopular vote, and as alluded to earlier in the post… Social Media has gone crazy! It is hard to find a single supporter!

This leads me on to the title of this blog.  We are NOT Trees!

We can MOVE, we can TALK and we can ACT. But we are living in a society now where technology is king – it is easier to vent your frustrations and get personal via the keyboard than it is too get a pair of shoes on and leave the house and have a face to face conversation.

As stated already, this is a safe seat and only once in the past has a real upset been caused and a revolution happened on the streets. A real coming together sharing the one common theme that party politics should be put aside for the common good.

Are we becoming lazy in our lives? Because, I guarantee that a few tweets and Facebook posts will not overthrow this person and certainly will not give them problems as far as getting easy access to the constituency’s seat as MP is concerned. What will go some way to instigating change though, will be direct action:

  • transferring those tweets to the ballot box
  • putting yourself up as an independent candidate or
  • hitting the streets with what you would do differently

Any of these would also be a positive thing.

When I was living rough at the age of 16 I was faced with extremely tough decisions every single day. I didn’t have social media too whinge and moan on. I knew I wanted to establish a childcare club in my local area so I took direct action.  1000’s of businesses and doors were knocked on, seeking finance. I was told NO more times than I care too remember but I knew I had to establish this club because the kids did not have real opportunities at the time.

You see, I didn’t have a Plan B, I had no options had my plan FAILED.

So, I powered on with the goal in sight. Now I could have sat their complaining about my lot in life or the fact that I was being met with the word NO from people who had pre judged me but instead I took action.  Yes, it is fine too be upset or have a moan about something but if you can influence the outcome then it is your duty to go on and do something about it.  If the outcome cannot be influenced then there really is no point in complaining or letting the negative emotions take hold.

Just like the MP and the social media hate, you have every right to complain but it has to be so much more than that if you want to see real change in your life or business. Life is hard, business is tough also. You will meet people you will find it hard to like or respect. You always have a choice though, you can bury your head in the sand but that won’t get you closer to your plan A or you can take direct action and have a clear vision which will get you closer.

Turn those shoulds into musts and you will be on your way.   Whenever you are facing tough times or something is not going your way, remember:


Keep moving and keep smiling.